The origin is humble, the man . . . not so much. Originating from Essex and striving for as long as he can remember to remedy that, James found a fascination with writing at the ripe old age of thirteen.

Since then he has been sharpening his pen on books, short stories, musicals, plays, comedy sketches, and even a memoir that will never see the light of day. But never poetry. He doesn’t write poetry, and poetry knows why.

His biggest accomplishments (thus far) include being an inaugural member of the sketch comedy troupe: Stapled to a Chicken; writing, directing, and starring in a not-so-poorly reviewed musical: The Coffee Shop (guess what it was about), and writing the book for the Very-well-reviewed musical: Mascherato (see the Mascherato page for more information).

He has a penchant for satirical, slapstick, and sometimes farcical writing, but also science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Well, basically anything that springs to mind. He’s really not that fussy.

He also has a habit of referring to himself in the third person, because he thinks it makes him sound sophisticated.

Personally, I think it makes him sound like a bit of a knob.

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